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AirPods Pro get Conversation Boost in latest beta firmware release

According to recent reports, Apple’s latest AirPods Pro beta firmware release includes support for Conversation Boost, a new technology that makes it easier for people with mild to moderate hearing challenges to engage in conversations.

While Apple failed to provide release notes for the second AirPods Pro beta firmware that was issued last week, those brave enough to test out the new software discovered the addition of Conversation Boost and shared their findings on Reddit.

Released on Friday, firmware version 4A362b was previously thought to include minor performance enhancements and tweaks.

Announced at Apple’s worldwide Developers Conference in June, Conversation Boost leverages microphone beamforming and machine learning technology to isolate human voices. The feature is tuned to focus on a person speaking directly in front of a user, making it easier for AirPods Pro owners to focus during face-to-face conversations.

Conversation Boost can also filter out distracting ambient noise. The feature is set to debut with iOS 15 this fall and will at launch be limited to AirPods Pro hardware.

Last week’s AirPods Pro beta was the second for Apple after the company said it would open testing to developers in June. An initial release in July delivered FaceTime Spatial Audio and Ambient Noise Reduction.

Developers can download the latest beta with Conversation Boost directly from Apple’s developer website. The download requires an iPhone running iOS 15, a Mac with Xcode 13 and a pair of fully charged AirPods Pro.

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