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Apple Maps adds speed camera alerts in more countries [u]

The Apple Maps speed camera feature in CarPlay with iOS 14, is now available in a number of new countries including the Netherlands and Belgium.

Apple’s CarPlay received chiefly cosmetic updates in iOS 14, but one new driving-related function was the addition of speed camera alerts. Previously available in selected countries including the US and the UK, the feature has now begun rolling out across the Netherlands and Belgium.

According to local publication iCulture, the new feature is live and means (in translation) that “with an icon you can see where the speed camera is while navigating.”

“Apple is working on a function to report speed cameras and more for Apple Maps,” it continues, “but that is not yet visible in the Netherlands.” At present, then, it’s showing only fixed speed cameras and not any mobile installations.

Update: The feature has also been spotted in Australia, Austria, Brazil, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and Taiwan.

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