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Can Forza Horizon 4, Halo Infinity, and Gears of War 5 Save the Xbox One at E3 2018?

All the big E3 2018 leaks form a big part of the discussion on this week’s episode of Transition as games editor Rishi Alwani and friend of the podcast Mikhail Madnani join host Pranay Parab. E3 2018 is expected to be chock full of gaming news but we had to find a way to keep things under control on this podcast. So we decided to divide it into three segments — Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. This allowed us to cover all the big leaks relating to upcoming games for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

The first part of the episode deals with Xbox One leaks. We start by wondering whether we will see new hardware at Microsoft’s E3 2018 press conference given that the company has a history of releasing new hardware at this conference. Then we talk about the first-party titles we expect to see at E3 2018. This includes upcoming games such as Gears of War 5, Halo Infinity, and Forza Horizon 4. We talk about the importance of Xbox Game Pass for Microsoft and which games it could feature in the coming months of 2018. Finally we talk about some games we want to see at this event.

Then we move to speculating about the games we will see at Sony’s PlayStation 4 event at E3 2018. This obviously includes first-party games such as The Last of Us II, but there are some surprises here as well. We discuss how Sony could choose to money-hat certain old games that make it more money than others that probably deserve more attention at its E3 2018 event. We then discuss some of the most anticipated games such as Spider Man, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Final Fantasy VII remake.

Finally, we talk about Nintendo’s E3 2018 presence via a pre-recorded video. Nintendo does have a lot of games to talk about, which includes three Pokemon titles releasing in 2018 and 2019. We then discuss games such as Mario Tennis Aces and Super Smash Bros, both of which could be big sellers on the Switch. There are several other games from third-parties that Nintendo will show off at E3 and we talk about which ones could make it to the keynote.

You can subscribe to Transition via Apple Podcasts or RSS, download this episode,or just listen to it by hitting the play button below. The music for this episode comes via Magnus Souleye Pålsson’s album PPPPPP, which is the soundtrack for the game, VVVVVV.

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