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Google Won’t Kill the URL After All

This week marked the arrival of Amazon Sidewalk, a mesh network that enlists your Echo and Ring devices to share bandwidth with others in the vicinity. Since the company opted everyone in without asking, here’s a quick guide to how you can turn off Amazon Sidewalk, and why you might ...

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The FBI’s Anom Stunt Rattles the Encryption Debate

The FBI’s repeated success in overcoming its “going dark” problem belie the protestations that it’s an existential threat. In some ways, Anom shows just how creative the agency’s workarounds can be. Researchers caution, though, that as more governments around the world seek the power to demand digital backdoors—and as some, ...

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How to Turn Off Amazon Sidewalk

Today Amazon is turning on Sidewalk, a way to extend internet service between Amazon devices like Echo smart speakers and Ring cameras. Unless you opt out, your Amazon devices will automatically start participating in this connectivity bacchanal. Amazon has talked about Sidewalk for a while, so it’s no surprise that ...

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How to Protect Your Files From Ransomware

Move over viruses, step aside worms: Ransomware has the spotlight and isn’t about to give it up. From taking down entire fuel pipelines to hijacking hospital networks, it’s the cyberattack du jour. Not only do you have the potentially disastrous consequences of being locked out of your most important files ...

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The Safest Way to Store and Share Your Nudes

No matter what, remember the number one rule: You should always be able to say no. Not just to taking or sharing the photos initially, but anything that comes after. If you don’t want a partner to share your images, post them online, or store them somewhere unsafe, or if ...

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Microsoft’s Vote Tracking Software Clears a Major Hurdle

In the ever-urgent quest to ensure United States elections are safe and secure, Microsoft’s ElectionGuard software has been a tantalizing development. The project, launched in 2019, offers what’s known as “end-to-end verifiability,” meaning that all vote data is encrypted and private, but there’s still full transparency into how the votes ...

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