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Oh Look, LinkedIn Also Has a 500M User Data Leak

A week into the revelation that Facebook leaked the data of 500 million users—including phone numbers and other potentially sensitive info—and the company still hasn’t given a full account of what happened. But we’ve managed to figure out both that the root of the problem was Facebook’s “contact import” feature, ...

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Hackers Are Exploiting Discord and Slack Links to Serve Up Malware

Thanks in large part to the global pandemic, collaboration platforms like Discord and Slack have taken up intimate positions in our lives, helping maintain personal ties despite physical isolation. But their increasingly integral role has also made them a powerful avenue for delivering malware to unwitting victims—sometimes in unexpected ways. ...

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Russia May Have Found a New Way to Censor the Internet

Russia has implemented a novel censorship method in an ongoing effort to silence Twitter. Instead of blocking the social media site outright, the country is using previously unseen techniques to slow traffic to a crawl and make the site all but unusable for people inside the country. Research published Tuesday ...

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The Opportunities—and Obstacles—for Women at NSA and Cyber Command

Working in cybersecurity within the United States intelligence community means navigating a warren of male-dominated fields. Inequalities persist, but three senior-level women at the National Security Agency and Cyber Command offered WIRED rare insights into how those organizations have evolved—and the hard work that remains to be done. NSA and ...

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Myanmar’s Internet Shutdown Is an Act of ‘Vast Self-Harm’

From June 2019 until this February, 1.4 million people in Myanmar’s Rakhine state dealt with the longest government-mandated internet shutdown in history, targeted at the Rohingya ethnic minority that makes up most of Rakhine’s population. The connectivity blackout finally ended at the beginning of February, days after Myanmar’s military deposed ...

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The UK Is Trying to Stop Facebook’s End-to-End Encryption 

The UK is planning a new attack on end-to-end encryption, with the Home Office set to spearhead efforts designed to discourage Facebook from further rolling out the technology to its messaging apps. Home Secretary Priti Patel is planning to deliver a keynote speech at a child protection charity’s event focused ...

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