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The SolarWinds Hackers Used Tactics Other Groups Will Copy

One of the most chilling aspects of Russia’s recent hacking spree—which breached numerous United States government agencies among other targets—was the successful use of a “supply chain attack” to gain tens of thousands of potential targets from a single compromise at the IT services firm SolarWinds. But this wasn’t the ...

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Trump’s Worst, Most Bizarre Statements About ‘the Cyber’

In September of 2016, on a Hofstra University debate stage, journalist Lester Holt asked presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump how they’d improve American cybersecurity. When it came Trump’s turn to answer, he let loose a torrent of barely connected ideas about “the cyber.” The stream of consciousness started ...

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Former DOD Head: The US Needs a New Plan to Beat China on AI

On Wednesday, I hosted a discussion with former secretary of defense Ashton Carter, who is now the director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School. The conversation was part of WIRED’s CES programming, which tackled the biggest trends that will shape 2021, from ...

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The FBI Has Made Over 100 Arrests Related to the Capitol Riot

In yet another week that felt like a month, the world continues to feel the reverberations of the seditious assault on the US Capitol building on January 6. After platforms like Twitter and Facebook booted Donald Trump last week, Amazon pulled support from far-right “free speech” platform Parler, knocking it ...

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