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Join Eventbrite CEO Julia Hartz today at 2pm EDT / 11am PDT for a live discussion on leadership in the era of COVID-19 – TechCrunch

Through tickets and event organizing, Eventbrite empowers the experiences that we all enjoy. Yet with the advent of COVID-19, concerts have been canceled, trade shows shuttered, and industry talks dispersed all in the name of safety.

We’ve seen the nearly complete shutdown of the physical event economy, so how do you reorient an entire company’s thinking when the fundamental notion of “experience” is undergoing seismic change? How do you lead and maintain a culture when your staff is now remote?

Today, Eventbrite CEO and cofounder Julia Hartz will join us on Extra Crunch Live to talk about this and more at 2pm EDT / 11am PDT / 6pm GMT. Login details are below the fold for EC members.

We’ll have plenty of questions to ask, and EC members will be able to ask questions as well. We’re going to focus in on how Hartz came to terms with what the novel coronavirus meant for Eventbrite, and how she and her team built a new operating plan going forward. We’ll talk about the tradeoffs that involved, and how Eventbrite is pushing on virtual events today. We’ll also touch on the company’s new guidelines published today on running in-person events in the COVID-19 era. Eventbrite is publicly-traded, and so we’ll also discuss with Hartz how she navigated communicating to investors in a wildly chaotic time.

Hartz has been a big believer in using Eventbrite’s platform to connect people and power social change (for example, the company has curated a virtual gay pride parade for today). In a world where police brutality, particularly against Black Americans, has taken a spotlight and LGBT rights are still being decided in real-time by the U.S. Supreme Court, what is the responsibility of a tech leader today to work on these issues and what tools do leaders have to move these issues forward?

Plus, of course, as many of your questions as you are willing to ask.

So come join us today and learn more about the skills it takes to lead a business in 2020. We look forward to seeing you there. And if you aren’t an Extra Crunch member, join now and then join us later.

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