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Prototype Apple Watch with case designed to look like a brick phone leaks

New images of a prototype first-generation Apple Watch inside a special case designed to conceal its appearance have surfaced online.

The images depict a 38mm Apple Watch with a so-called Security Case. The 38mm variant appears to be hidden within a case that looks like a brick-style phone, which served to conceal the design when transported.

Although prototype devices are typically destroyed by Apple, YouTube channel Apple Demo has managed to get its hands on this specific model. Apple Demo also obtained a 42mm variant in a different securitycase in December 2020.

The prototype Apple Watch runs an internal testing software that existed before watchOS. The box that the device comes in describes it as “classified” under an “Ultra” security program. It also calls for the tester to return the prototype when the work is done.

In a YouTube video published on Saturday, Apple Demo compared the 38mm prototype with the 42mm side-by-side, showing off the differences in their security cases.

Leaks of devices from Apple’s internal testing are uncommon, but do happen occasionally. In January, images of a prototype iPhone 12 Pro with a non-finalized colorway surfaced online. Earlier in June, images of what appear to be an iPod touch shell with a square design were published by a leaker.

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